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Bonjour Mon Ami, I am Courtney LaRae.

   Lets just say life gave me lemons, in

which I made a lot of sweet sugary

lemonade lol. My mind, body, and spirit has

been through a series of traumatic changes

and thus this brand was born.

   I'm so excited to share my life's journey

and the process that became CoCo. Most of

you have been wondering who CoCo is.

Well CoCo is the process of defining who you are. This process for me is always changing and always growing, truly a Journey worth all the pressure that creates diamond. 

   My prayer is that you be encouraged to heal from past pains and move forward in forgiveness and success. 

   So...let's pray, learn and grow together while we build relationships and better days chile.

Ciao, bye for now,

                      your gurl,  CoCo XOXO

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