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Hey guys I'm Courtney LaRae,
   First I'd just like to say thanks in advanced for helping me give back. As some of you may already know i'm a single mom of two boys 7 and  14.

  One of the hardest things life has ever thrown at me was the transition from being  a wife with a seemingly thriving house hold to a single mother with no income.

   At the time, the boys were 3 and 9. I was a stay at home mom and I had never had the responsibility of taking care of a house hold. I quickly found  a job and even with the income I had no car.

  Uber took a huge amount of my income($67 a day) and so did child care($500 a month). It was rough for me in the beginning. There were many days when my lights and water were off and I found myself forgoing lunch at work to make sure we had dinner at night. 

   Though adversities were all around me I trusted God and he was faithful. I remained faithful in church and I still gave my time through worship every Sunday and bible study during the week. Few people even knew of my struggles.
   My relationship grew deeper in God and I found peace in my storm. God continually reminded me through strangers, friends, and family that I was not alone. People gave me clothes and food. I even remember a time when a perfect stranger fixed my car, I believe that man was heaven sent. I can truly say God has kept me.

   Fast forwarding 5yrs and a lot prayer lol, I'm ready to share my story and help other moms like me. One of my biggest needs was clothing for work and  school clothes for my growing boys. 

    My mission is to assist single mothers with clothing, feminine and oral hygiene products, as well as financial and educational development resources for sustainability but, I need your help.


    There are a few different ways you can help here's how;

Purchase for Purchase: Similar to Toms Shoes, when a purchase is made from CoCo LaRae Boutique a garment is placed in The CoCo Closet

Monetary Donations: Donations of any amount can be made and items will be purchased and placed in The CoCo Closet

Donation Of Items: You can purchase items listed completely packaged or items from the boutique and either drop them off or mail them in.

Packages will be assembled based on each families needs and will be sent out from The CoCo Closet through CoCo Cares to each household.

"When you are generous, you are enriched with blessings in return"                              Proverbs 22:9 TPT

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